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Basal metabolic rate and fat burniing - healthr - BMR calculator cheatsheet
Healthy bmr calculator to use 

Basal metabolic rate and fat burniing
Update: we will discuss bmr and the use of bmr calculator in this article. Bmr calculator can come in very handy when a person wants to calculate the basal metabolic rate.  Read more.

What about people who CAN'T eliminate (or very nearly) sitting from their lives, i.e. they have rheumatoid arthritis or some other debilitating condition that doesn't put them in a wheelchair, but makes constant activity impractical and, indeed, dangerous?

Yoga and exercise
I just started a yoga class 8 weeks ago and I can already do things I haven't been able to do for ten years. And I know it's going to get even better with time But that one hour of contorting my poor body and joints into postures they've never been in comes at a cost. I now have more energy to do the things I was missing, but not UNLIMITED energy, as--as far as I know--I still have RA.

I'm just happy to be able to walk a mile and not be crippled for the rest of the day. Ten years ago, THAT was the real dream. And I'm sure people with similar conditions can attest to the fact that as good as it feels to be able to get more use out of irretrievably fused joints again, it still feels good to sit the hell down--that is, it feels like I earned it. And I have. When are these attempts by the medical community to make people afraid of every little thing--not aware, afraid--going to end?

However, the root cause is not using gravity. Too much uninterrupted sitting is tantamount to reducing or abolishing the number of posture changes per day. It is the change in posture working against the force of gravity that provides the required stimulus.

Over a day, that would provide an absolutely minimum required16 posture changes a day without resorting to fancy desks and equipment. The respect benefit would not hurt either. Similarly standing up often to go to the water fountain instead of bringing a water bottle to one's desk provides the motivation to stand up often. It is not surprising that Hamilton found standing to be the most effective muscle lipoprotein lipase stimulus.

We learned about the fundamental role of gravity in maintaining health by studying astronauts living in space in microgravity or the simulation of its effects by lying in bed continuously, the extreme form of sitting.

BMR calculator
So how does BMR calculator comes into play? Simple. Use BMR calculator whenever you need to calculate your basal metabolic rate. This way you will always know how much calories you can consume per day and still maintain your weight.
There is another version of this very tool - bmr calculator.

Update on BMR calculator:
Another edition can be found online. This BMR calculator seems to be accurate as well. All results were real.
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